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Scuba Diving Regulators Are The Essential Item To Make Recreational Diving Possible.

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scuba diving regulator

A scuba diving regulator is the invention which makes scuba diving possible.

It reduces the pressure of air delivered from the oxygen tank to the ambient water pressure and sends it to your mouth. Put simply scuba diving regulators make scuba diving possible.

Diving regulators have two parts knows as first stage and second stage which are connected by a hose. The first stage connects to the tank, and the second stage is behind the mouthpiece. Both are critical to air flow regulation in a scuba system.


First stage scuba regulators

First stage scuba regulatorsThe first stage of the scuba diving regulator has a valve to lower air pressure from the tank. An important part of understanding how to dive is understanding the regulator's function. Similar to how a water tap works, it controls the rate of flow of air, reducing the flow from 2000psi to around 140psi. However the great thing about these regulators is that they self adjust to suit the ambient water pressure around you as your dive depth changes. First stage regulators have several outputs. High pressure to go to the tank pressure gauge, and low pressure to connect to the second stage, BCD and an octopus.

Second stage scuba regulators

Second stage scuba regulatorsSecond Stage Scuba Regulators sit behind the mouthpiece and manage the inhalation and exhalation of breathe. Through a series of valves and balance chambers, a second stage regulator makes breathing feel natural and effortless despite these complexities. It also has an exhaust or purge function which lets used air out without letting water in.

How to choose the best scuba diving regulator?

Some features to consider when purchasing a scuba regulator are:

- easy to hold and a comfortable ergonomic design
- controls such as the purge button are easy to operate even in thick gloves
- non corrosive materials
- piston v diaphragm mechanics
- always buy new - this is a critical piece of equipment to your diving safety - don't buy other people's problems
- warranty terms and length
- the hose should be flexible and soft
- the second stage should have swivel joints for better movement

We highly recommend the Aeris Atmos Pro as the Scuba Diving Regulator which offers the ultimate combination of high performance at a value for money price.  The Aeris Atmos Pro has all of the features you would expect and even more:

- pneumatically balanced
- self adjustable inhalation effort
- compatible to 40% Nitrox
- adjustable second stage
- 'venturi assisted' inhalation
- First stage swivel attachment to the regulator hose to reduce hose pull and resulting jaw pull

The Aeris Atmos Pro Regulator features pneumatic balancing, adjustable 2nd stage and is sure to provide you the best performance for years. The pneumatic balance in the second stage provides the lowest possible inhalation effort. The adjustment in the 2nd stage allows you to adjust and fine tune your breathing effort throughout your dive.

A venturi assist deflector vane controls air flow from the valve to the mouthpiece. At the surface, the venturi assist can be turned down to prevent regulator free flow. The first stage of the Aeris Atmos Pro Regulator is a balanced diaphragm for long term performance.

Overall the Aeris Atmos Pro is a great model at a low price, and it comes bundled with a free bag with every purchase.

two scuba diving regulatorWe have a huge range of scuba diving regulators which will help you dive safely and comfortably, you can choose from the simplest ScubaPro models to the Poseidon regulators developed for long duration dives. We also have many regulator accessories. We also offer low fixed price annual service and free parts for units purchased from us. Our range of products from ”the Best” manufacturers allows you to shop from the comfort of your own home. Compare the products at a time which suits you with no pressure to buy.

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