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scuba diving computer

Scuba diving computers are a modern addition to diving gear, which continually monitors a dive.

Worn on the wrist by a diver and looking much more like a wrist watch than a computer, they keep the diver informed to ensure a safe dive. Scuba diving computers record diving depth and ambient temperature, and can inform divers about required decompression breaks. They can also generate diving tables for the specific dive, which can be compared against standard diving tables.

Wrist dive computers are quickly becoming a necessity for recreational divers. Compared to traditional dive tables, they can increase the duration spent underwater, and improve your dive safety.

The data logs recorded by wrist scuba dive computers contain time series of tissue saturation and dive depth. This information can be useful for:

- diving instructors for evaluation of learner divers

- diving supervisors to monitor dives

- clinicians who may need to diagnose decompression illnesses

Understanding Diving Computers

Aeris Atmos 2 Wrist ComputerBasic Functions - All dive computers will advise of time spent underwater, maximum depth during the drive, current depth, and remaining time within the safety curve, advising the next required decompression stop and duration. After the dive they can also advise of de-saturation time remaining, surface time and no-fly time. Generally, most units have visual or audible alarms to advise of possibly dangerous situation such as missed decompression stops.  These computers can also help you plan your next dive by examining residual nitrogen time and showing how this affects the safety curve. They can adjust altitude either manually or automatically as well as keeping detailed logs of previous dives.

Extended Functions - Scuba diving computers can offer much more than just these functions though. For example, air integrated computers are gaining popularity. These computers measure pressure within the tank, indicating remaining pressure and remaining air time. These models can be connected to the high pressure hose, or by a wireless transmitter. With the increase in Nitrox diving, the major diving gear manufacturers have produced Nitrox scuba dive computers. The specialized computers assist in planning and executing enriched air dives, informing about conditions specific to partial gas pressure which may occur during such a dive.

Features to consider when choosing your dive computer:

- do you need or want an  integrated air computer?

- would a wireless setup or console mounted instrument work best for you?

- will you require Nitrox capabilities?

- is the display visibility suitable for your diving conditions?

- is the display sufficiently back lit?-

- does the unit allow you to download data to a PC?

- does the unit automatically turn itself on and off?

In our opinion, the scuba diving computer with the best combination of features at a value for money price is the Aeris Atmos 2 Wrist Computer with it's unique combination of styling, technology and function. The Aeris Atmos 2 Wrist Computer has all of the features you would expect in an advanced wrist scuba dive computer, and even more:

Aeris Atmos 2 Wrist Computer- Compatible with Nitrox

- Data is PC downloadable

- Water and manual activation

- Flashing LED and audible alarm

- Batteries are user replaceable

- Alarms which the user can set Backlit

The Aeris Atmos 2 Wrist Computer is flexible and can be worn on the wrist or on a Retractor. It also has the excellent function of a Safety Stop Count Down Timer. The Aeris Atmos 2 Wrist Computer comes with software, a download cable is just $50.

We have a massive range of dive computers available to suit all requirements and budgets. From integrated air computer models which feature PC downloadable data to accessories such as wrist straps, you will surely find something to suit your unique needs. Our range of products from ”the Best” manufacturers allows you to shop from the comfort of your own home. Compare the products at a time which suits you with no pressure to buy.

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