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BCD Scuba Jackets Help You To Control Your Dive And Keep All Your Scuba Gear At Your Fingertips.

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integrated BCD/weights/breathing systems

BCD Scuba Devices should be a part of every basic scuba gear kit.

BCD stands for buoyancy control device or buoyancy compensation device. They give control over buoyancy to scuba divers. While the simplest BCD devices are little more than a fancy life jacket, commonly used by swimming instructors or lifeguards, scuba BCD jackets are much more than that. BCD scuba jackets have harness to attach a tank, pockets and straps for octopus and gauges, like a combined backpack and life jacket. It is indeed a wearable pack to secure all of your other diving gear.

Buoyancy control devices come in come in as many different types and styles as the people who dive.

The 'Vest' or 'jacket' style is the most common style, basically an inflatable vest with front buckles. This style  wraps around your front and has inflatable bladders in the sides.

BCD scuba devicesAnother well known style of buoyancy compensation device is the 'wing' style, which has 'balloons' either at the back or extending down the sides.

BCD scuba devices have a rating which relates to their lift capacity. You should consider this factor when choosing the correct scuba BCD jacket for yourself.

As important when choosing your buoyancy device, is correct fit. When on dry land, the correct scuba BCD dive jacket for you should be snug across the belly but not too  tight under the arms, quite similar to the fit of a good jacket. It should be snug and tight, but not so much it is uncomfortable. Of course, women's BCDs are available from many manufacturers to suit a woman's body shape.

At the top of the range, BCD scuba devices come with what is known as integrated weight systems which render a separate weight belt unnecessary. There are also integrated BCD/weights/breathing systems which come in one pre-assembled item.

Whichever type of BCD scuba device suits your budget, the following are important considerations when choosing the best option for yourself:

- good fit

- lift capacity rating

- quality strong construction

- well positioned pressure release valves

- quick release straps which are comfortable and don't rub or abrade

- system for quick adjustments

- pockets which have Velcro closures or zips

The BCD Scuba Device we recommend is the Zeagle Brigade BCD which offers a superb level  of comfort.  The Zeagle Brigade BCD is our own custom made scuba buoyancy dive solution. Developed by combining the best features from two of our most popular models. The heavy duty straps, D rings and roll down pocket from the Zeagle Ranger with the lighter bladder from the Zeagle Escape come together for our custom made Zeagle Brigade. The Zeagle Brigade buoyancy jacket comes with a lifetime manufacturers warranty, and has the following features:

- compact bladder (35lb) with Bungies

- optional rear trim pockets

- 6 heavy stainless steel D rings

- 1040 heavy duty  harness construction

- utility pocket which rolls down (not avail on X-Small sixe)

- pull dump fitted inflator

- lower dump valve

- chest strap with adjustable sizing

- integrated weight system - rip cord style

- cummerbund which adjusts

- custom sizing available by request

- huge range of standard sizes from extra small to extra large

Zeagle Brigade BCDOverall the Zeagle Brigade BCD is a great buoyancy compensation device with the ultimate combination of comfort and features, we highly recommend this to any diver.

We have a huge range of Scuba BCDs available at the very best prices. You will surely find something with the best fit and lift capacity which suits your budget. We can even custom size a BCD to your unique measurements. Our range of products from ”the Best” manufacturers allows you to shop from the comfort of your own home. Compare the products at a time which suits you with no pressure to buy.

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