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scuba diving, scubadiving, diving, resources, vacations, equipment, certificationIt does not matter if you’re searching for information on Scuba Diving Equipment, Scuba Diving Articles, or places to go for a Scuba Diving Vacation, this site makes it simple to find out what you need and where to get it.

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Scuba diving is becoming more and more popular, because people are really just how fun and easy it really is.

Recreational scuba diving is growing in popularity, while activity in other sports is diminishing. Why is it that scuba diving is so popular?

Although air-assisted under water exploration has happened since around the 1700's, underwater exploration and recreational scuba diving was an unthinkable activity for the average person. Advances in valve engineering and compressed air tanks in the 1930's produced the "scuba" systems: the Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus.

In the 70's, scuba equipment continued it's evolution and the scuba systems were enhanced by buoyancy compensation vests or BCDs, even better valves and pressure gauges. Throughought the 1980's and 1990's, scuba became a billion dollar industry causing even more innovation in design and engineering of  safer, lighter, and more comfortable and less expensive equipment.

Today, scuba diving is possible for anyone with only a modest financial outlay in equipment. Wherever you want to dive you can find a dive shop to rent equipment, book a guided dive, charter a boat or simply strap on the tanks and swim out.

It does not matter if you’re searching for information on Scuba Diving Equipment, Scuba Diving Articles, BCD Scuba Devices, Scuba Diving Computers, Scuba Diving Regulators, Fins For Scuba Diving, or places to go for a Scuba Diving Vacation such as Kauai Scuba Diving or Fiji Scuba Diving, this site makes it simple to find out what you need and where to get it.

This site is always growing and being updated with the latest diving and snorkeling information, so please browse around, subscribe to our RSS feed and we truly hope you find very helpful.

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getscubadiving helpSo whether you are looking for information on scuba gear like BCD scuba jackets and devices, scuba diving computers, scuba diving regulators, fins for scuba, or the best locations for scuba vacations and diving, such as kauai scuba or fiji scuba, this site is your very best source and will truly allow you to find everything at great prices.

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  • Have you seen the latest developments in Fins For Scuba And Diving?
  • Once you have your Scuba Gear updated, why not try Kauai Scuba Diving?
  • Or venture a bit further abroad and see the wonders of Fiji Scuba Diving?
  • What features are you looking for in your scuba gear and scuba diving vacations, do you prefer the most up to date technology or tried and tested analog styles? Would you prefer a vacation within the US or further abroad? Any of the features you are looking for can be found online.

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